41% of Clinical Trial delays are due to Patient Recruitment and Enrollment, 50% of Investigator Sites enroll one or no patients. On the flip side, 87% of the public indicate a willingness to participate in Clinical Trials if the research made sense for them. Industry's use of social media and communities to “interactively” engage patients is less than one-third, losing significant leverage.
Clinical Trial Marketing
Our Approach
We provide best of the breed online presence and advertising for clinical trials. We maximize the reach out to potential patients on social media with our automated platform and unique approaches. We build and connect with patient communities to provide greater visibility to your clinical trials.
Online Presence
We create a patient-friendly online presence with stellar websites and advertisements for your Clinical Trials using the IRB approved content
Study Web Sites
  • Stellar web designs.
  • Content layouts best suited to educate patients about your clinical trial’s therapeutic area, indications, and participation.
  • Surveys based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Integration of volunteer registrations and database.
  • Stellar advertisements, banners, videos for your digital marketing campaigns with IRB approved content.
  • Search Engine Marketing & PPC.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Analytics.
Social Media Marketing
Our RecruitPatient platform solution automates several social media marketing tasks saving you time, cost and effort in reaching out to patients.
Reach Out Social Media
Connect to your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other. Aggregage, schedule and automatically publish content to your social media channels. Keep your audience engaged like never before.
Educate Patients
Create and maintain content to educate patients on your clinical trial, therapeutic area, or an indication. Schedule and publish your content centrally to your patient recruitment social media channels. Brand the content with your Clinical Trial advertisements approved by IRB, route the interested patients to Study websites where they can learn more about the Clinical Trial, take survey and register to become volunteers. 
We will conduct social media marketing for you using our platform capabilities or you can do it yourself on a subscription basis. We provide necessary training and support. 
Analyze Patient Engagement
Obtain analytics and insights instantaneously and centrally. Measure the effectiveness of patient engagement on your social media. Customize your content to increase the efficiencies for your patient recruitment and engagement efforts.