Patient Community Platform
A Patient Community with real-world experience sharing creates a tremendous opportunity for analyzing Real-World Evidence to improve quality of care, drug development, and health outcomes.
MyHealthSocial is our Patient Community Platform offered as a packaged solution to Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Payers, Pharma/CROs/Research Sites, Patient Support Groups and Public Health Agencies.  

It can be branded and integrated as an online community engagement solution for your patients, providing visibility and word of mouth marketing for your resources. 

For Pharma/CROs & Research Sites

Patient Centricity is becoming essential in drug development process. When the patients are engaged, and experience sharing is enabled within patient communities, the real-world evidence it creates can be a tremendous value to improve drug development and clinical trial process efficiencies and reduce costs.
Our MyHealthSocial platform not only offers such patient experience building, but also provides an ability for the patients to find your clinical trials as part of their search for resources to manage their health conditions, and spread them as word-of-mouth referrals to their community as part of the support to each other. 

For Healthcare Providers

Patient’s health journey, collective experiences as a community provide substantial value and data for assessing and improving healthcare quality, health outcomes, and the "value" in value-based care. A very few renowned health systems have recognized a need for Online patient community solutions for their patient population beyond the patient portal.
Our MyHealthSocial platform can be such solution for your existing and potential patients. It can be an extension to your patient portal providing health community networking and the ability for patients to find and use your health services, maintain a health journal for your treatments and admissions, connect with similar patients to seek and provide additional help and referrals to each other. 

For Healthcare Payers

As a healthcare payer, your primary objective is to ensure your patients stay healthy, take a more active role in their health, and make use of resources potentially reducing doctor visits and hospital admissions. Engaging patients with a community to share experiences and resources with each other further increases your ability to meet your objective. A collective experience shared by patient communities on providers and their care can be a tremendous value in establishing a good provider network, contracts, and payments. 

Our MyHealthSocial can be such community building solution for your members. It can be branded and integrated to your member portal as a community extension and customized to your specific needs.
For the Patients and Care Givers
MyHealthSocial platform is unique. We kept Community Building and Experience Sharing within the context of managing overall health and support for the Patients.  Everything in this platform is centered around health conditions.
Health Journey
Search, keep track and engage with Health Providers, Support Groups and Clinical Trials for a health condition.
Find and keep track of patient education for a health condition.
Maintain a list of health conditions for self or for loved ones.
Maintain a journal for each health condition with observations, issues, diagnosis & treatments, admissions etc.,
Form or join a community for a health condition.
Find similar patients by popularity for a health condition, add to the closed community of friends with similar health condition.
Share snippets of journal for a health condition with few or all trusted frineds in the closed community, or all within MyHealthSocial Network.
Provide suggestions, share resources as recommendations.
Seek or provide on-line or off-line support
Send e-Cards and Gifts to be delivered by Hospital Gift Shops to the admitted friends in closed community in response to their posts about admissions..