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The Patient is at the core of Healthcare Delivery, Drug Development, Health Insurance, Patient Support and Public Health Eco-system. Organizations in this ecosystem are increasingly adopting solutions to engage and empower patients for better health, and for the new business models to consumerize patient experience. 
At Johaus Global, we are passionate about providing Patient-Centric Solutions, Services, and Analytics to Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations, Digital Health Solutions to the Patients for managing their overall Health.
Clinical Trial Marketing
41% of Clinical Trial delays are due to Patient Recruitment and Enrollment, 50% of Investigator Sites enroll one or no patients. On the flip side, 87% of the public indicate a willingness to participate in Clinical Trials if the research made sense for them.​ ​​
RecruitPatient is our Clinical Trial Marketing solution for Research Sites and Pharma/CRO companies. RecruitPatient Digital Marketing solution facilitates creating and disseminating content for the patients to engage them on Social Media. Our solution uniquely brands the content with IRB approved Clinical Trial advertisements to route the interested patients to Study websites where they can learn more about the Clinical Trial, take survey and register to become volunteers.
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Patient Community Platform
A Patient Community with real-world experience sharing creates a tremendous opportunity for analyzing Real-World Evidence to improve quality of care, drug development, and health outcomes.
MyHealthSocial is our Patient Community Platform offered as a packaged solution to Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Payers, Pharma/CROs/Research Sites, Patient Support Groups and Public Health Agencies.  

It can be branded and integrated as an online community engagement solution for your patients, providing visibility and word of mouth marketing for your resources.

Our platform can be a higher value to your patients enabling them to create their health journey, maintain health resources, form community around their health conditions, and share experiences and recommendations with similar patients.  

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